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Any person wishing to become members of the Society please complete the application form below. By pressing the submit button, this will automatically be lodged with the Membership Secretary, J.W.Whitham.

Membership of the Society is strictly limited, however vacancies do become available from time to time during the year. Each year during the autumn period membership numbers are reviewed and a number of new memberships offered. Upon receipt of a membership application the Membership secretary will inform the applicate of the current situation.

We are conscious of the lack of opportunities to encourage and “train” youngsters so there is provision for the sons, daughters and grandchildren of members to be junior members of the Society. Although there are some restrictions on these memberships, mainly linked to safety of the youngster.

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  • Membership is not guaranteed and reasons for not offering membership will not be given. 
  • Any information found to be misleading or incorrect will render this application void.