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Mid Ribble Angling Society

Controlling over six miles of salmon, sea trout, and brown trout fishing on the rivers Ribble and its major tributaries, the Hodder and Calder.

About Mid Ribble Angling Society

over six miles of salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing

Mid Ribble Angling Society is a long-established club with over 6 miles of water on the Ribble, Hodder and Calder. The Hodder and Calder are the two major tributaries of the Ribble.

These are very diverse waters and provide for all styles of fishing. Our waters contain salmon, sea trout, trout and a variety of coarse fish including grayling. The 3 rivers are very different in type and scale. The Ribble is a wide river with big pools. The Hodder is smaller and where you would expect sea trout. The Calder has become a renowned trout fishery with a growing run of sea trout. We do a limited amount of trout stocking in the Ribble. For comprehensive information about our waters please visit the Water Booklet on the website.

Membership is limited to a maximum of 80 to enhance the fishing experience. There are ample car parks and access to most of the water is fairly easy. For prospective or new members, a guided visit can be arranged.